Stanley Mission is situated on the banks of the beautiful Churchill River system and offers a number of great tourism sites.

Fishing is always great, with the main species being pickerel, pike and perch. Whether it's in the summer or winter, there's always someone out there trying their luck out.

Summertime not only offers great fishing, but also endless beauty sites along the Churchill River. On the opposite bank of the community is the oldest building in Saskatchewan, the Historic Anglican Church which is only accessible by boat. With its massive size and architecture, visitors are surely to be awestruck.

Five kilometers down river from the community are historic pictographs, drawn by ancient Aboriginals dating back several hundreds of years. The paint was a was made from a special mixture of minerals to protect the artwork from the elements of nature.

A couple of hundred meters from the pictographs are the Stanley Rapids, these set of rapids are a beauty. They offer great fishing and are excellent camping spots.

If you're in the area, you can't fail to view the site of the renowned Nistowiak falls. This picturesque site is where La Ronge Lake drains to meet the Churchill River system. This exhilarating site is a favorite and is visited by hundreds of people year round.

As you can see there are a number of great visiting sites in the area, if you're planning on visiting the area or going on a camping trip, there are some great camping sites along the river. Be sure not to forget your camera, and bring lots of film.

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Photo of Church with the Community in the background